How do I make my Metal Drifter not so crappy?

Hello all.

I have a Metal Drifter that was given to me and I really want to like the little thing, but the response is so snaggy and responsive, even with one sticker taken out.

I was wondering if putting in the wide brass spacers and the silicone stickers would make it better?

Yes, do both of those things. AND clean the bearing really good and run it dry. Or, maybe see about getting a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ.

This yoyo really needs a good breaking in period.

I am liking a beefcaked FH2, but I put slim spacers in it because with normal spacers(brass or silver) its just way too wide to bind, even with friction stickers

With a clean bearing and brass spacers, you can play completely unresponsive with both stickers in. I like using both stickers because you can bind at slower speeds, which helps with longer combos. Also, make sure you are using silicone pads and not regular friction stickers.

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Try a TX FHZipp Wing Cut bearing…
Pay me only if you like it .

Hey man I don’t know if you wish to post this up here but what’s ate the prices for your A-Sized bearings? I might either get an A+ Beefcake bearing(correct me on the name I know I messed something up), an FHZipp, or both. I have a silicone recessed FHZ which is dead unresponsive already but could use a new bearing, and a stock FH2(old version with o-ring/spacer setup) with silicone stickers and 2 A-sized bearings but I’m thinking I might stick a Beefcake bearing in there to get equal play from both bearings. What would you recommend for each?

Wow holy thread jack batman! J/K, this question is relevant to my interests.

We’ll be in touch after BAC. I think I should order a 10-pack of these.

Not that I’m blatantly plugging the Terrapin X stuff, but I really DO like these products. I got enough A-sized bearings where it’s worth it to me to order that many.

(and I’ll pay up front!)

Trust me.
You will gladly pay. TX bearings are nothing short of amazing.

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Plays just fine with a clean bearing and good response pads (silicone stickers, Dif pads, etc.). No need for “fancy” bearings. A little tuning doesn’t hurt either, but it isn’t necessary.

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Just play it like you mean it. It’s a fine yoyo as yoyos go.

I’ve got all the colors on these and love them. keep the spacers it has and put dif-e-o pads in it and either a kk bearing or terrapin x wing bearing. if you put the brass spacers in it your going to need a really good binding skill and luck as most binds will slip. My meathod doesn’t take much breaking in and the pads last… I dunno im still on my first set…and I put them in when the drifter first came out so… Forever! Seriously all you have to do is pads and bearing. Plays just like my high ends.

The Metal Drifter already has silicone pads in it stock…at least mine did.

Is there a way to tell if the pads I have are rubber or silicone? To me they are just black sticky pads…

I believe all drifters came w/silicone pads. The Duncan stickers will have a cloth texture under the coating, it may be visible under the coating when new, but you will definitely see it when they wear. The silicone pads have no texture. The Duncan stickers will wear quickly, the silicone pads hardly at all with extended play.

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Cool, thanks for the info. Yea, my pads are not not cloth-y, they are pretty “rubbery”.

So, Ill try a Terrapin FHZipp bearing in my Drifter. It looks like the Zipp bearing is a mm wider so that should give the Drifter a better gap to make it less snaggy and hold more layers of string. Ill report back when the bearing arrives. If I like it, Ill probly get some Terrapin C sized bearings too!

What I did was I took and put diff pads and a center track bearing and it worked perfectly unresponsive

Mine is one of my favorite throws with this setup.


Try the shim mod, it actually works for spacers two!