Metal Drifter

Im a beginner and own a Duncan Metal Drifter… I dont expect to be upgrading my yoyo soon so I want to make it less responsive.I ordered a Center Trac bearing to help. Any other suggestions to make my yoyo less responsive? What kind of Lube or response systems will help?

Change the response o ring

Ive heard thats a good thing to do but ive also heard that an o-ring dosnt work on the Metal Drifter so I dont want to buy an o-ring and be dissapointed

It takes friction stickers.

Get some Duncan silicone pads (sold here, look at the Duncan section).

Also, did you get a A sized center trac? It takes a A sized bearing. Also try cleaning the bearing.

Looks like these guys have a tutorial and the necessary response pads for the metal drifter. Hope this helps you out. ;D

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They sell those here, also don’t advertise other websites, it is against the rules.

I just cleaned my bearing did the paper method as well and it is now dead unresponsive , so it’s pretty much stock with a minor mod if you even want to call it that

And if you plan on changing the pads i recommend thin dif pads they act like a broken in friction stiker and stay that way for a very long time!

Yes I did and thank u very much

Dif pads are slippy and snaggy at the same time by some feat of engineering. Get Duncan silicone stickers, while they don’t last as long, they work better.

And they are meant for Duncan yoyos.