Duncan limelight

Is the duncan limelight a good starter yoyo for looping? I play 1a and 5a but wanna get into 2a. Ive practiced a little with a dollar store yoyo but want something well put together.

I’m not a looping person but I’ve heard that 720s are good to loop on. I️ have had a limelight, and both it and my friends limelight’s broke quickly

Limelights are Pulses with wood axles, as I understand. I like them fine, but I like LOOP360’s better. (PM me if you want to buy a pair)

Right now, in my area, kiosks in the mall sell calendars and stuff, and sometimes have Yomega Fireballs. I liked those, too. Put Vaseline on the transaxle to make them more responsive, and overtighten them about 1/2 turn and you will probably like them.

Do you have all-cotton or 50/50 string? The wood axle will burn up all-poly quickly, and even with the softest string, your middle fingers will probably get rubbed raw where the string hits them.

Enjoy. Training is tough, but really rewarding. Did you read Sean’s Guide to Looping? An oldie, but a goody.


Wood axles??? Their transaxles!