Is the Duncan Lime Light good for 2A?

Hey everybody,
I was just wondering, “Is the Duncan Lime light good for somebody wanting to start 2A with cheap yo-yos?”, “Does the play feel like the Duncan Proyo, and as easy as the Duncan Proyo?”, and “Are Duncan Lime Lights worth the price?”.(the price was either $2.99 or $3.99, but I think they were $2.99 each)
Thank you in advance.

I doubt they’re very good, but I bet they would still work fine. Especially for the price.

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I just bought two of them earlier today, and the price was $3.99 each, and I really like them more than the Duncan Speed Beetle, and the Yomega Fireball.(I like to use the Fireball for picture tricks.) For me, the Duncan Lime Light is easier to control the loops with, but I need to get used to using both hands at the same time, and I still need to practice looping.(I am still not a very good looper.)
Thank you for your help.
P.S. You would never guess where I bought them from, it was an Aldis.

You know, I was in Aldis and thought the same thing and bought a pair… I dont really like em… The lack of response doesn’t really give tight enough returns in my opinion…

For me they feel responsive enough for looping, but I never tried any of YoYoFactory’s loopers, YoYoJam’s looper, or even the Yomega Raiders, yet, hopefully I will be able to try some out at MOYO.

No duncan is good for anything!

This was kind of an old thread, so please don’t post in old threads next time, but what do you have against Duncan? They make great products and are probably the best company out there in terms of recruitments.

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Not to mention that Duncan is the only reason the majority of us yoyo…

Think about it, I can almost bet that the first yoyo you owned was a duncan.

And I have to say, the Duncans you can get in the higher line of price are some of the best IMO

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This is sorta proof that people dont believe in practice any more… They go OHH!! I bought this awesome yoyo and noticed instant improvement!!!

That a FreeHand Zero, which is made by duncan… Which means it is good for winning the World Yoyo Contest…


I like the 5 year old Japanese kid better