Duncan imperial mod, and a homade delrin


I made this imperial take apart and with anew axle.

And here is the delrin yoyo. It has a vibe but still very playable.


I’m more interested in the Imperial mod, rather than the Delrin yoyo.


the imperial mod was done in like 10 mins. Very simple with the right parts and utensils.


Cool stuff. Throw some weight rings in that Imperial and it’ll be a beast! :slight_smile:


Tell me how


Nice foot! :smiley:


ill try to make a vid tomorrow!


sorry. Overcast all day today and my camera can’t pic up my tools etc in the shed, hopefully tomorrow.


You need to make a more proportional Delrin like at 77% width to diameter :wink:


it was very undersized so I was limited and still wanted a playable weight