Duncan flipside vs luminator vs yomega dash or maverick

Hi this is my first post here and im going to buy a new yoyo, im a bit of a beginner but I’m learning fast and my old yoyo cant keep up. I have found 4 yoyos roughly the same price the flipside luminator advanced kit and the dash or maverick. I would like it to be unresponsive and sleep for a long time

Punctuation would’ve help in that post, but out of those yoyos, it depends- do you know how to bind yet?

An this should be in the “Looking for help/recommendation” section

duncan flipside

Yes, I know how to bind

Then I would recommend the flipside or dash size c

when you say “size c” is that a bearing size or is there a special edition of the dash

Dash with the C bearing, that thing is amazing.

so does it come with a size c bearing or do i have to buy it seperate


whats the difference between this one and the regular version


Theres a size c edition of it, if you get a dash, make sure you get that one

is the size c version the one with weird markings on it

MagicYoYo N12 is cheaper than all of those, and destroys all of them easily.

can you send me a link to were you can find it at 20 dollars

A good yoyo for a person like you would be a Duncan Flipside or a ONE or a Velocity. they all can be UNresponsive for binding or Responsive for easy tricks or whatever you might do :D.

As for the Magic yoyo, you’ll need to look on EBAY.

actually im currently using a ONE but its a really old and was not properly taken care of so its performance isn’t great. Right now im leaning toward the magic yoyo or the dash

I would suggest a yyf one star. Great yoyo for $15. Or as others have mentioned, magic yoyo. All their models are under $20 but perform like much more expensive metals.

I’ve never seen a yomega that came stock unresponsive, the luminator is also responsive I believe.

The yyj classic ($10) is the best plastic I’ve played but you need to upgrade the bearing and silicone it before it becomes the beast it really is.

im not a big fan of the look of the yyj classic it, also it I dont think i want to do lots of maitnence besides lubing and replacing string from time to time untill i know more about yoyos