Duncan FHZ - not too impressed.

Upon receiving my order, I found that my FHZ had a chip on the seat.

No sense in returning now, because I’ve already satined it.

But, other than that, I also found that, even w/ one sticker removed, it was uber responsive.

I’ll try again, but it just bothers me that it was chipped. Mainly because it messed w/ stability and smooth-ness.

I think it would’ve been amazing had it not been for this. It’s a comfortable yoyo in the hand.

If the chip wasn’t big how would it make a yoyo wso unstable?

It wasn’t huge. It is enough for the string to sometimes slide under the bearing.

As far as stability, I don’t think it takes much. However, I could be wrong.

Just a friendly suggestion - if you ever get a damaged yoyo in the future, it is well within your right to contact the seller or trader for either a refund or a replacement.

Yeah, I know, but I wanted to test some things out anyway. So I went ahead and satined.

You can expect me to give FHZ’s another try in the near future.

So you just pulled it out of the package and satined it w/o looking it over or trying it out first? ???

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Then why did you not contact the seller and get a replacement before satining it anyway? If it wasn’t that big of a deal then why complain about it and make a thread entitled “FHZ - not too impressed.”? Also, replace the sticker(s) with sili sticker(s). As for the issue where your string slips between the bearing and spacer, pull out one of the gold ones and replace it with a silver one, that is how I have to do it for my FHZ, plays like a dream.

So, rather than be a whiny brat, clean your bearing, replace the response, and swap one spacer, then if it doesn’t play unresponsive well, THEN complain, and try not to make it about something that you could have fixed but didn’t. For knowing so much about yoyos you sure don’t make very good decisions… Just sayin’


Pics? A small highwall on the seat might fix your issues.

This is not a representative review of the FHZ.
This is one guy’s bad experience out of hundreds of otherwise good ones.

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A few suggestions:

I think the title should be changed to Defective FHZ, and also it’s not really a review, more of an opinion.

You mention nothing about how it plays, other then how responsive it is, and if you’ve ever gotten a duncan with a bearing you should know they come packed with lube and could use a good cleaning. I see no information about spin times, feel, shape, weight etc. the very backbones of a yoyo review.

The chip easily could have been fixed with an email, no matter how anxious you were to satin something. What’s the point if it’s an already defective product am I right?

It seems like you put little to no effort to remedy the situation, and instead of keeping your bad experience to yourself, or share it with the proper authoritative figure, you made a “review.” But hey, you satined that FHZ. That’s an accomplishment :wink:

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I never said this was a review, but where else was I to put this??

Besides, I already said I’ll be giving the FHZ another chance when I get money. I’ll write an actual review then.

Maybe. I guess I could try that.

Any tuts?

If you highwall it, the problem will be worse. What you need is thinner spacers. At least one on the side that has the problem.

Do they make any thinner than the brass ones?

Sandpaper is your friend.

Really I checked my friends list and he wasn’t there. Should he be?

As someone said before, post some pics. They would be most helpful.

Already tried that.

As far as pics go, it’s not of concern anymore. I’ll order a new one and give it a chance :slight_smile:

You just hid the request on FaceBook. No need to be so pretentious to poor Sandy.

Q… why are you always funny man? XD