Duncan FH Zero Vs. Freakhand

How’s does the FH Zero compare to the Freakhand? I have a freakhand and kind of want a FH zero, but wanted to see what you guys have to say about them compared to each other. Which is heavier? Bearing differences? Hope this was the right forum. Thanks.

FHZ is heavier and I think a tiny bit larger and wider. Both use A bearings and Duncan spacers. FHZ includes 3 CW’s, FH2 includes 1(dice typically). FHZ uses plastic caps, while FHZ uses pog-type caps. I think both ship with Friction stickers but you can upgrade to silicone stickers. Both tend to be a bit responsive, so you may wish to only replace one friction sticker with a silicone sticker, clean your bearing really good and it should be a lot less responsive.

The Freakhand, as you know, is a FH2 just with monster/scary graphics and a color-matching Duncan dice counterweight.

The FHZ can be had for $10, while at the same store, the FHZ will retail for anywhere from $20-22.

Both are decent. I think the FHZ is a bit better. It feels more solid and I like the additional weight. Both can be modified, which I recommend.

Thanks for the great write up. Helped a lot. I think I will go ahead and get one for my collection.