Hey guys.
I’d just like to know any goodcounterweight yoyos for under $25 and I wont much higher than that. Also if it dosen’t come with a counterweight thats fine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Speed dial-yyf , pgm stackless- yyf pinnacle-yyj freehand series-duncan

Not in order of preference:

YYF Stackless Grind machine, just add a CW of your choice.

Duncan Freakhand or FH2, comes with a CW. Clean the bearing really good is what I’ve found gives the best results. These were being sold in a big box store for $9.99 not too long ago.

Duncan FHZ, comes with 3 CW’s. Again, clean the bearing out really good, but remove a sticker.

Duncan FHZ Pulse. Clean the bearing out really good. 1 CW included. Might be at the top end of your budget.

Adegle PSG, just add CW.

Duncan Metal Drifter. With the latest ones, they don’t use spacers. You can tell because the CW matches the rim color. Clean the bearing out really good, it goes dead unresponsive. 1 skull CW included

YYJ Pinnacle, includes a CW, but it’s pretty much a Duncan dice.

YYJ Legacy II, just add a CW.

YYJ Lyn Fury was used one year to win Worlds in the 5A division, so I gotta recommend that. I’d recommend it better if you yank the o-rings and silicone it and then since you got it open, clean out the bearing really good.

I like the YYF DieNasty, just add a CW to it.

Any CW is good. I do prefer the Takeshi CW’s.

Need to go mega cheap? Duncan Pro Z, clean the bearing out super good, install the mod spacers, then add the CW. Note: I like the Pro Z’s! Great for the money!

Have fun!

YYJ Trigger. They where $25 at worlds, will be a couple bucks more when they hit stores.

Adegle PSG. $16. And possibly the best $16 yoyo out there. Same goes for the Asteroid, although I didnt like it as much as the PSG for 5A.

Would you be willing to go $35?

The protostar is one of my favorite 5a yoyos.


Die-Nasty. I LOVE mine.