Duncan Echo or Protostar

I wanna learn unresponsive play and move to advanced tricks, many people recommended me the Protostar; however, I found a great deal for a Duncan Echo… which should I get?

A good deal is a good deal. I’ve not used either so don’t bench your decision on me. But if you’ve found a good deal then I’d take it. Both, I’m sure, are good. Companies don’t spend hundreds of dollars on “bad” ones. So you’ll probably get what your looking for in either. So good yoyo+good deal= awesomeness

I found the Echo to be 30 bucks with free shipping on amazon, I really want it but I’m not sure if it’s right for me since I’m prone to damaging stuff I own easily and a protostar plays like a metal and is more durable as well

Then get the protostar. If your preference is strong on the protostar, and you know it’s a good yoyo in the eyes of others. Get it! Like I said if you’d like further counsel from people who’ve tried it, by all means keep asking. It, however, looks like you’ve found what you want.

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Better yoyo is the echo.

I like the Protostar, but I would choose the Echo. That doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you, though. :wink: They’re both great. Get the one that makes you happy. Also, I’m not an expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure the Echo would be more durable. :wink:

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Really? I thought the plastic would be more durable than the metal because the metal dings easier… Thanks for all the replies guys!

Would you guys recommend the Echo or Protostar if I’m learning binds and then move to advanced tricks?

both will serve your purpose. I’d go with Echo because I like Duncan.

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Both the Echo and the ProtoStar are fine yoyos, neither one is necessarily superior to the other. No matter which way you decide you will not go wrong. Either one will be a fine choice for improving upon your binding skill and moving you into “advanced tricks”. I would add this caveat, don’t make the error of thinking one may be better than the other because of the material they are made of. The Echo being metal will “ding” easily if you bounce it off the sidewalk, but then again the ProtoStar could chip or even crack if the impact is severe enough.

I have both in my arsenal. I had my Echo in my holder just today as a matter of fact. They are both fine throws which I find to be on par with one another. Duncan has a very soft place in my heart as when I was a kid they were the only name in yoyoing. However I believe my personal preference leans towards the feel of the ProtoStar, but that is only my opinion.

Don’t sweat your decision too much as neither one would be a wrong choice. Either one of these will take you to the next level and beyond and maybe even to the big dance.


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