Duncan Echo 'aircraft grade aluminium'?

I’ve read descriptions for this yoyo and other Duncan yoyos saying the ‘aircraft grade aluminium’ thing. Are they trying to say it’s 7075? Does anyone know for sure?

I’m pretty sure it’s just 6061. They said the same thing about the Metal Zero, and I’m pretty sure that’s only 6061.

It’s more than likely just 6061. They probably use 6061 in aircraft at some point as it is cheaper than 7075 and the differences are probably pretty marginal there.

Most aluminum alloys are used in aircraft construction, with many of the 2xxx and 7xxx series typically used where high strength and high temperature resistance is required. Depending on the temper of the alloy, more 6xxx series alloys are used on light- and homebuilt aircraft, where high strength is not as critical, and machinability is more benign. That being said, there are so many grades of aluminum that can be called “aircraft grade” it becomes simply marketing speak in non-aerospace markets. For those of us geeky yoyoers, the more important thing is the specific alloy used in the yoyo, as every alloy has different material properties, with density being, perhaps, the most important to yoyo design.


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Only 6061? The aircraft and aerospace industries use many different alloys of aluminum, and none of them are any less “aircraft grade” than another.
Your 6061 yoyo is fine, just because its a lower number doesn’t mean its a lesser material, just different.
ILYY uses 6082, notice how that isnt on the huge list of “aircraft grade” aluminum.


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^ exactly. If it is used in making an aircraft it is technically aircraft grade. 6061 isn’t that special but it sounds a lot cooler to call it Aircraft grade.

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Thanks everyone. I’m keen to know for sure if they are 6061. If not, they are Incredibly priced 7075 yoyos. What throws me off too is that many of their aluminium yoyos don’t come splashed which seems pretty typical of 7075.

I’m sure its 6061.
The crazy splashes and whatnot are usually seen on 6061, as it sucks up the color better. Ano flaws are pretty common on 7075 yoyos like YYR, which tend to be solid colors.

Splash takes more steps, which costs more money