7075 Aluminum

Is 7075 aircraft grade aluminum? or just a stronger alloy than usual?

Slightly stronger and ever so slightly denser than 6061. Not entirely sure about aircraft grade.

More like, marketing scheme.

Anyways, “aircraft grade” doesn’t mean much. Aircrafts are made with many materials. Plastic can be aircraft grade. The tweed they make the seats out of are aircraft grade (lol). Using that term doesn’t mean anything different. The alloy is the alloy no matter what term follows it… Look at the properties of the alloy instead, like how 7075 is slightly more dense than 6061. It has a bit of a different feel.

We just had a multi-page thread on this a couple weeks ago.

Many aluminum alloys are “Aircraft Grade.”

Aluminum is almost never used in raw form. 6061 is an alloy made with magnesium and 7075 has zinc as it’s primary alloyer(I don’t think that’s a word… sigh… need to go to school).

6061 and 7075 are both considered aerospace quality alloys. But usually when somebody refers to it by that name they are talking about 7075.

However; 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 7075, and 7068 are all aerospace/aircraft grade.

A very quick Google search will tell you more than I’ll ever be able to, for sure.

Why is that? Yoyos certainly aren’t the only companies to use those aero/aircraft grade terms, it’s simply what they’re called because that’s the application they are most commonly used for.

Aircraft/aerospace grade does mean something, although you can obviously get stellar results from lesser materials.

It means nothing as far as a yoyos quality goes. Saying it’s aircraft grade, that is.

Hmm… Don’t think I ever said anything about the name aero/aircraft alloy implying quality. In fact, I know for a fact that I said stellar results have been had from lesser materials/combinations of lesser materials.

I mean… You could make a yoyo out of an aluminum Coke can(I think Shinobu did, actually), but it’s obviously not going to be the same as a 6065/6068(I think this is what ILYY uses, not widely available outside Germany?)/7075 product would be.

Alloy absolutely makes a difference, and aero/aircraft grade does refer to a specific set of alloys. In the end it all comes down to design and machine work, composed properly for the material you’re utilizing.

I never said you did say it had anything to do with quality. I was saying that in my original post.

Regarding OP’s question. Yes, it’s “aircraft grade” - and yes, compared to just about every other alloy COMMONLY USED IN YOYOS, it’s stronger and slightly more dense.

Yup… And in the end everybody just argued about it…

“What are those two nuggetheads jabbering about?”

“Oh, they’re just arguing over the different alloys used to make their toys.”



I demand 7068 yoyos from now on! More is better right?

XD I love how you just came to that conclusion

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