Duncan Dice as Begleri

How viable is it as an option in the begleri world?
Would you take it to competition?


Honestly if it feels good when you sling it, that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t use them personally due to their size, smaller begleri are easier to manipulate imo. I do not know of any begleri competition besides the occasional instagram contest hosted by around square


Inspired by the RCS Rain Drops new counterweight release being able to be set up as begleri. These Duncan Rapid Balls can also be set up as begleri with some paracord as well. Little smaller and denser than die, these weight in at 11g each. These weren’t my favorite counterweights because they were small and heavy, but a fun begleri set up with something I already had laying around in a box. Now that 5A is free they are starting to grow on me.

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So in the same vain, I made some astrojax using 3 counterweights. Worked pretty good except that I have 2 rapidball and 1 dice, so that odd guy was a little more abrasive when getting hit. Worked like a charm though.

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