Duncan Crew 2.0

This just in from Yoyonews, it’s the new Duncan Crew Lineup:

North/South America
Colin Beckford
Sebastian Brock
Augie Fash
Hank Freeman
Bryan Jardin
Sean Perez
Zac Rubino
Isaac Sams
Javier Augusto Martinez

Janos Karancz
Viktor Kollar
Jan Paprstein

Ian Loh
Jason Kao
Takayuki Kuriyama
Hidemasa Semba
Yoshihiro Abe
Chris Makita
Kazuaki Sugimura

What are your thoughts on the new team? Anyone that you’re glad too see still on the team?


Im glad they kept Janos :slight_smile:

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his career rip

Thanks a bunch LeftyLink! I’ve been waiting to hear news on this.

Glad to see Chris Makita made the cut.

It would be a shame if he didn’t…

I’m still not happy about all the cuts, even if they were part of a necessary evolution.

I have met both Bryan Jardin and Sean Perez. They are good people and I am glad they are still on the team.

Honestly, if you’re not contributing to the community in at least some small way, you don’t deserve sponsorship. Perfect example, Boyd Seth.

Could you expand on that a little more?

Why you would specifically use Boyd Seth as an/the example?


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Seems kind of low to throw a name under the bus like that don’t you think?
I recall him working another yoyo stores table at a contest a bit ago. I don’t think he does no contributions at all.

Those two plus Sebby are the ones I’ve met in person and I had the time of my life hanging with them.

Thank god Chris Makita wasn’t cut. One of my most favorite players ever.

This is by no means a knock to him, he was an awesome player who contributed so much to CLYW in their early years. However, as time went on, he did less and less, to the point where he was kind of estranged from the community. As a result, CLYW stopped producing his signature throw.

Like I said, I have nothing but respect for Boyd, but I feel he’s a an appropriate example of how with sponsorship comes contribution.

While many sponsored players may not take part in the forums, they compete, run booths, and post videos. I hope that clears things up a bit.

Wow just checked out some of his videos. Ridiculous.