Congratulations Augie Fash!


Really excited about Duncan hiring Augie Fash for Sales & Marketing Coordinator.
Great to see such a talented person in place to keep things moving in the right direction.
The last couple years have seen some great improvements in the Duncan line up, and this
shows a commitment to get even better.
Good luck Augie… thank you Duncan.

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Full details:


Man augie jumps around sponsors like no tomorrow…


It’s not a bad thing. Sometimes it takes awhile to find somewhere you feel at “home.” I’m sure Augie leaving any team doesn’t imply anything negative about YYF or C3yyD, you just gotta have that ‘chemistry’ with them.

That said, it makes sense he has gone to Duncan, because after all, Duncan = <3

Really exciting news and I can’t wait to see what he does with them!

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He was with YoYoFactory from 2007 until 2012, then with C3 for a short while. His new position with Duncan is an actual job, not a sponsorship, so I count two sponsors in eight years.

Yeah. He really jumps around a lot. ::slight_smile:


Congrats Augie! I’m seeing great things to come out of this.


Lmao, I love this guy


Between Brandon Jackson and now Augie, Duncan’s corporate team is looking less and less corporate. Good to have people who know the scene making the decisions.


More sponsors by far than I’ve had in that time period, like, infinitely more dude.


Pardon me for bringing back an old post, but I just wanted to say…

I really appreciate it!!!

Through this position, I really think we can grow yoyo bigger and better, for EVERYONE. I’m excited to see how this position can help strengthen and build our community. 8)


Angie is a necro master.

Congrats man!


Augie “The Necromancer” Fash