Working with a sponsor/company?

I’ve watched quite a few of your videos when they get on yoyonews and youtube and it seems like you’ve thrown for a few different companies and sponsors.

How do you choose which companies you work with?


Good question. Duncan was a dream of mine ever since I started playing yo-yo, primarily due to my location & growing in the scene around people like Hank Freeman & Brandon Jackson. Recess was a really good opportunity for me because it was a newer company, and I had been with a lot of friends on the team. UNPRLD I think I align with the most in terms of perspective & goals out of any company in yo-yo, and I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the behind the scenes administrative stuff going on which I really enjoy.

All in all, those 3 companies are all sweet. A lot of companies are. My experiences were all great, but I also am happy that I’ve made moves over my career. It’s great to have multiple perspectives.


That’s pretty interesting to hear man! Thanks for the well thought out answer. I guess coming from someone who thinks it’d be cool to be sponsored but isn’t pursuing it and plays with yoyos just as a hobby it was a strange concept to me that someone would go from the biggest name in yoyoing like Duncan and then to a new company like Recess. I’m a huge fan of both companies and have yoyos from both of them so I’m happy that you’re gaining something from all companies you’ve worked with and I hope to buy something from UNPRLD in the near future as I’ve only heard great things about them.

Thanks again,