ive been waiting 2 days for my ministar, express mail. WHY HAS IT NOT COME!
As I recall, express mail delivers on sunday…

It happens. Give it a few days.

I have a friend who used express shipping and the package arrived 3 days after it was shipped.

Patience people, patience!

But you can still to a refund to USPS right?

Express mail delivers on sundays? I guess that must be the case in the US if you are that sure about it. But seriously, waiting another day is nothing to get mad for. Mail can’t always go as fast as you want it to, and you have other yoyos you can play with forf ONE DAY.

Excluding the fact that they’ve been playing with those yoyos for a while probably anyways.

Then what would be so bad about playing them for one short day.

Express mail doesn’t deliver on Sunday. It will come on Monday.

i got it…all I have to say is that its smoother then dead smooth…