DublinStringCo Review

So I was sent one string by the new yoyo string company, Dublin String Co., and after playing with it for a good hour or so I’ve decided to write a full review on it just to show others what they can expect when they try out this new string. So here we go ::slight_smile:

When I opened the envolope and the little plastic bag that came in it actually kinda looks like any other ordinary string. The version I have is a light pink that is sorta soft with a tiny tiny bit of toughness to it.

So, on the very first throw with using this string, I just knew it was definitely different from all of the other string companies out there. It was honestly one of the smoothest throws ever (no exaggeration). After I threw it down, I decided to throw some pretty common tricks at it to see how it handled it.

First, I tested it out with Ladder Escape, because of all the different elements that goes into this one trick. From entering the Ladder Mount to exiting the triangle at the end, this string handled it spectacularly. So after that I decided to throw an entire combo of long tricks into it and it blew the mall out of the park!

Secondly, I decided to test it with whips, slacks, and suicides. When I did an Iron Whip it was actually slower than ever, and that’s one thing I actually want to point out that this string actually does almost every trick slower than usual and gives you time to think about your next move which is actually pretty nice. I also did every suicide I could think of and exacuted them all first try. I also through a few hooks, etc at it and it handled it without any problems.

Thirdly, I wanted to see how this new string could handled hopping tricks like kwijibo and Eli Hops. So I started to pop the yoyo into the air and did Eli Hops with ease, and I actually got a good 40 pops out of it which is probably my record right now. Kwijibo and Black Hops were also done effortlessly.

Finally, I tried my favorite style of tricks, Horizontal play. I threw the string into my Avalanche and started out with a Horizontal Revolution and it was just amazing the way it slowly whipped back and forth threw the air. I really think this string is amazing for Horizontal play because of the way it slows tricks down.

In conclusion, this is some pretty neat new string and would definitely recommend it to everyone to even just try it out because I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Now every string could use improvement and the only one I can think of is that it could be wound tighter so that it doesn’t unwound when you cut it, other than that, this string is amazing.

Thanks DublinStringCo, I had an absolutely amazing time throwing your string!

I appreciate string reviews. It seems that with more companies focusing on creating better strings, there should be unbiased reviews for the general populace. Of course as always opinions are just that opinions…

Im glad that all our hard work is paying off! Thank you so much for the detailed review!