whip yoyo string review

this string looked so awesome when i got it.i got 100% poly 28 stories it came a little stiff but after broke in it rock!!!

this yoyo string plays smooth and unresponsive.it does live up to its name.i landed a iron whip no problem!!!
get it

final thoughts
it last more than 2 weeks
best string i ever used and lives up to its name!!!

pm metal man to buy

im glad you got it!

thankyou for making it for me :slight_smile:
very cheap too!!!

good review but you might want to talk about break in time, how long,what colors it comes in, and more detailed facts so we cAN TELL MORE ABOUT THIS STRING IF WE WANT To buy it instead of just knowing some guy on the forums thinks its “AWSOME, GREAT” so we can know what to ecspect if we buy it but i mean its okay


If you can’t add anything then there’s no need to post.

strength in numbers Q, strength in numbers…

Do you just feel the need to argue my points?

When something is said once, it is enough, now if he had quoted and made a point it would’ve been different, but just quoting what somebody said does nothin. (no offense IAvery)

you’ve done the same thing way more