Whip YoYo String Review!

Today I got a package containing a single piece of yoyo string in a nice gold color(ballin!!). The string was at first glance similar to a Highlight. After i put the string on my genesis and I made my first throw with the string I did a few whips to see if the string really lived up to it’s name, and it performed better than expected on plastic whips and other whip variations i tired. The string was an excellent performer on slacks and suicides as well. The only thing i did see that was off by a bit was that the string got fuzzy a bit quick but still managed to perform well. Overall the string was nice and is very well made and can easily be as good as  a highlight or certain Gstrings.



Color: 10/10
Play: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

I definately think people should buy this string! It is some of the best string i have used so far and i have used everything from Highlights to gator floss!

Pm metal man if you want to buy some!

sounds cool, you should add some pics though since you rated color 10/10 would like to see the color

pictures added!

Enough with the string reviews

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