Whip Yoyo string review

Basically my first review, so take it easy on me :stuck_out_tongue: I ordered the glow kind.

I made a slipknot, and stuck this stuff on my 888. Snap started, than binded. Hmm. It didn’t come up when I binded it. It slipped. I already didn’t have a good feeling about this string. But when I tried a hook with it, I was amazed! It beat every string I have used in aspect of whips. Alchemy, cotton, 50/50, 80/20, even poly. This string was a little bumpy at first, but that is just the nature of the glow stuff Metal Man dipped it in.

There really isn’t much to say about the tension. You have to adjust it every once and a while, with a UFO or whatever. Overall the tension is a 3 out of 5. Can complete suicides easily, same with slacks and whips, this string will conquer anything you want it to do.


This string was REALLY… bumpy. Like a lot. Not due to flaws (there was 1 near the end of the string and another halfway down) it was the glow stuff that the string was dipped in. Once it was broken in this felt like a new peice of alchemy. This holds a loop EXCELLENT.

It doesn’t glow a lot. It glows enough for you to see it, after I put it under a lamp for a minute and 30 seconds. Still glows though. It looks amazing in the dark when you do revolutions! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, overall this isn’t the best string. Nor the worst. There is nothing in the way of me buying another pack of this. Its nice, and the name definatly suits it.

nice whips
average tension

flawed in multiple places

Overall, this is good string. PM Metal Man to buy.

reviewed, WITH YOUR AWESOME 888 OMG.

Lawlz. My life is complete.