Are glow strings supposed to be whippy?

What the title asks, are glow strings supposed to be whippy? I bought some strings from this guy :,69154.0.html hammy, because he’s starting to sell strings. And he gave me a few glow strings to try, and I was amazed. Not only were these better than all of the other strings he currently offers, but it glows too! It feels like a Toxic Dragon string and it whips almost as well as a Dragon string. To give a comparison they are much whippier than YYSL AMMO and ALMOST as whippy as a dragon string. The feel of the string is very similar to dragon strings, maybe their made from similar thread but its just insane. I can tell these are as durable as toxic as well.

So I’m asking you guys, are glow strings supposed to be whippy, or has hammy just made the greatest glow strings of all time? These things are monsters, and they glow too! This was my first glow string so I dont really have any others to compare

The person who made the strings would likely have the best insight as to how and why the string behaves in a certain way.

I tried the CLYW glow string, plays fine but nothing exceptional about it and certainly nothing like a Dragon-like whipping quality. As far as I know the CLYW glow string is all poly. Perhaps hammy’s strings use some nylon as well.

Im gonna say that glowing strings play like any given type of string the string-maker wants them to play like, with the additional feature of glowing.

dude, if you have not tried the G-string glow, you are really missing out! :wink:

Are you sure? I have a pack and I thought the amount of glow was pathetic

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The CLYW glow string is all poly. the Hybrid is what you want for whipping. Don’t bother with glow if you want it to play like a nylon string. It’s made for glowing.

It all depends on the thread.

I’ve made 100% poly glow string, and it was some of the whippiest string I’ve ever used. It also was some of the roughest string I’ve ever used.

That guy must be using a similar thread, and CLYW uses a much softer thread for theirs.

Just saying… I use 100% poly for the glow strings, and yeah… They have seriously impressed me. I know what brand I have to keep on buying :wink: