DTI Bass Boost response?


What type of pads fit in it? I bough one that came with some kind of silicone pads, maybe One Drp Flow Groove Pads. They were the right size, except the flow groove was about 2x as deep as the pad, so it was extremely unresponsive. I can’t silicone it. I ran out of siicone, and I’ve hade bad experiences with it anyway. I’ve also had bad experiences with Monkey Snot. On the DTI website it says, “switched over from hand injected silicone to square o-rings”. What are square o-rings? Where can I buy them? Any help is greatly appreciated.


The YYJ silicone o-rings are square, but I don’t know if they fit that yoyo.

(YoYoStringLab) #3

Square o-rings have a square or rectangle cross section like that of a pad as apposed to a circle cross section like the typical old YYJ response rubber rings.