dryoyo's birthday

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i was looking around on the forum and i found the birthdays it is dryoyos birthday i guess hes really popular here and whats a global moderator and forum expert happy birthday dryoyo!


Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t notice. Happy Birthday dryoyo ;D

A global moderator is basically someone who is able to edit, delete and lock anyone’s posts. He has a lot of power, just less power than the Admin.

A Forum eXpert is basically a form of recognition to people who have helped out at the forums alot. They don’t get any awesome editing powers, but they are recognized. And if they are chosen as eXperts twice, they become section moderators. This is like a global moderator, but to only one section of their choice.

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sounds like fun thanks! that moderator part sounded scary i don’t want my post locked!


Oh cool Its my birthday too! Happy B-day DrYoYo! :slight_smile:


I hope you have a good one Chris!!


Happy Birthday Chris! Thanks for all you do too!


Happy Birthday Chris! Happy throwing!


Randomly thought I’d post in this thread. I’m new, but happy birthday to both you and Dr.Yoyo. Have another happy year!


happy birthday chris.
we appreciate all you do for us


Happy Birthday DrYoYo!

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Happy Birthday Chris!


Happy Birthday Dr. Yo-Yo, I mean…Chris Allen!!!

Happy Throwing! =]


Happy birthday Dr Yoyo

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE :slight_smile:


Happy birthday dr.yoyo!!

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Happy birth day! :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday Dr.YoYo!

(Chris Allen) #18

Thanks guys, I love what I do.

Today was great. Spent the day at the state fair, met a few new stage acts, and one even asked me to open the show with some yoyo tricks for him. Great 30th birthday. Thank you all.

/Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen