Drop in the Bucket via Jade

Whenever I try to do this, I end up with a messed up Drop in the Bucket. When I drop it from my Non-Throwhand, I end up with a wrist mount. Help?

EDIT: I Finally learned the trick! Thanks Guys!

Not sure how that happens. This is a checklist for this trick:

  1. the string the yoyo is attached to lands in your NTH palm
  2. the TH whip lands over your NTH thumb and index finger (does not go over the yoyo)
  3. the string across your thumb and index finger ends up perpendicular to the string in your palm
  4. after the whip, no string is on your TH wrist
  5. after you “drop” the yoyo in, you have to pop it out
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Try doing jade whip without catching the yo-yo in the loop. Then put your non-throwhand pointer finger and thumb under the string attached to the yo-yo and open up the loop. Now you can just land the yo-yo onto the middle string like a normal Drop in the Bucket.

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jayvee, and fiveironbrian gave great tips. another thing to look at, is when doing a wrist mount, the the string is supposed to come over the wrist. but in jade whip, if done correctly, the string shouldn’t touch the wrist so maybe working on that will help. and perhaps the rest of the trick will come easily.