Drop in the bucket trouble.

Ok when I started this trick about a half an hour ago, I was very excited because I could get the finger movements down. but when i pull out to form the actual “bucket” It looks nothing like the one in the video and i can sort of land it on the string but it still doesn’t look like the triangle at all, more like a square… any tips? ???

From your view, it will look like a square. If you want, get the bucket then stop your yoyo and leave it on the string. Move your hands so you’re looking at it from the front and it should look like André shows.

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Yeah that was it, Im still having trouble but thats my own skill I keep landing it on the outside string and get a tight knot but Ill learn from my mistakes and hopefully ill have it by the end of the night. Thanks Brian.

Something that I didn’t noticed in the video but later figured out is that when you grab the slack, the string coming from the yoyo should be between the slack you have and your hand. When I first started doing the trick, I would pop it off of the trapeze, then grab the slack coming around from the right and slap it to my left hand, and the string coming from my yoyo would be underneath my hand and the loop I had grabbed. You need to grab the loop after you bring your hand up under the string coming from the yoyo, otherwise you will wind up having to move your non throw hand index finger around one knot after you land it. Just think of it this way: when you have it landed right, it will look just like a wrist mount (like in spirit bomb or superman) but the part that goes around your wrist will be right there around your throwhand thumb instead, so it looks a little more opened up.

I got the trick. And it seems like you’re over complicating things…

do the trick like usually. it looks like a sqauer because of you angle or view(you’re looking at it from above. you could go to a mirro and look at it and still see if it’s a square

No offense is meant to be given here, but isn’t that what I said? And didn’t he say he got it?

(Once again, not meant to be mean)

almost exactly what you said but there is a bigger chance of 7 years of bad luck for me :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry i was in a hurry and din’t bother to read earlier replies.

thats whats it supposed to look like

you mixed A question and an answer in the same Sentence…

he probably meant to put “thats what its supposed to look like.”

more than likely