Drop In the Bucket/Dismount from Split

Drop Bucket-Any suggestions on when you are tugging it up and out to make the bucket how to not let it hurt your L middle finger/thumb?
Split the Atom- Does anyone have the link to the vid or can explain how to dismount from the split the atom? I’m leaning more towards wanting to learn
how Andre does it…?

You can either swing the yoyo, or I suggest learning drop in the bucket via jade whip.
And I’m not sure how he does it. I just dismount by moving it around my finger and bring it into a front mount.


  1. I have no idea how to do jade whip.
  2. I tried plastic whip and I found I suck at whipping.
  3. ._.

Never going to get better if you don’t practice.

lol ik! My friend doesn’t train with yoyoing from this site. I told him about it but he just checks it out every once and awhile.
So he told me about this cool trick called the Gyroscopic Flop. And that’s how I got to Plastic Whip when I’m still supposed to be
practicing my Drop in Bucket, Split the Atom, and Double or Nothing >.<