Sorry, I allowed yoyostore.es to choose a color and it was a dark grey / black and shiny. I don’t think it’s that bad of a halfswap unless you’re doing grinds or care about the aesthetics, which i understand.

Pretty much every Anti-yo colorway you can think of is in plans as long as people are interested.


I just wanted to publicly tell you, you are doing an awesome job, and I genuinely want to see this take off for you. I’ve not even played one yet, but your passion and what you and others have shared is more than enough for me to pursue one in the future, and hopefully many other people as well


Yeah that actually looks sick, I’m still down for a halfswap


Thank you so much.

It’s truly a passion project, and I want to share my passion for yoyos with everyone.

I definitely kind of enjoy the difference between shiny and blasted, just kind of unique to me, something I’ve not seen or tried before.

The rest look pretty good half swapped together.


That pink and silver man, so good


I’m feeling the blue/pink


Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I’m debuting as a video editor today :rofl: it’s my first time editing something.

I wanted to make some sort of video or edit for Asora’s release. I miss when companies would make a video edit for their latest release. I think it’s a big part that feels missing in yoyo today. A big thing that got me deeper into yoyo was watching longer format videos that gave me a vibe that I’ll never forget. I suppose, I’m sort of chasing that feeling by making my own video. A lot of inspiration also comes from skate videos I used to watch as a teenager/kid.

Thanks, have a great weekend!


This is rad! Watching it on the big screen currently. Bringing back memories of de_dust.

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I know what I’m doing the next time I have 25 free minutes…

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Just watched the whole thing. So good. Shame on you for getting me so hyped on a yoyo that’s not released yet!


Miss the good ole sweaty lan center days haha.

Thanks for watching!


Are you based in Los Angeles?

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Yeah, OC technically. DXL meets are in Artesia.

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god this was such a fun watch, we need way more of this! gonna get up and yoyo now, beautiful job


:face_holding_back_tears: thank you, that’s exactly what I hoped it would do. Casual gang rise up.


Definitely get the skate vid vibes! Very fun watch and congrats on the Yoyo! looks sweet! I fast forward ed through some of the video game footy but the rest was cool lol very good vibes :call_me_hand:


Thanks dude!

Yeah, I realized while I was editing that I need to film more B-Roll footage.

If I had more actual footage or B-Roll it probably would’ve been better for transitions like how the first two parts went together. The Video Game footage is me making up for that lack of b-roll footage so I could try and time the tricks to the songs, or help transitions, but I know some are probably too lengthy. There was a few very specific video game parts in there that I wanted to cut down but couldn’t just because of the timing of the song.

Still trying to figure out how to edit and film since it’s my first go, so hopefully there’s less “filler” in the future edits.


Ayyyeee look mom I made the thumbnail!

So sick, also I was laughing so hard at the “fire” cut ins :fire:


Not sure who Nobotic at the end there is, but that is some shredding! :wink:


Youtube autogenerated it and I assumed that meant the universe knew who the best looking was :sunglasses: