Hello forum members!

I figure I would start a thread regarding Dreamcraft to help keep everyone updated since I know many likely do not use other forms of social media.

I started working on the brand sometime during the Pandemic 2019-2020.

All of the artwork, the yo-yo design, blender renders, packaging, etc is done by me, the logo and font are also hand drawn by me. If I could, I would manufacture the yo-yos myself too. The backend is ran by my Brother and his Wife who put their faith and trust in me and my dream. This allows me to focus on all the other stuff regarding the brand.

The design of the yo-yo was simple - I had wanted to design a modern version of the Free Rider for a long time and felt like nothing modern fit the bill so I took it upon myself to design what I describe as a resurrection on this specific design. I took influence from other notable designs, like the Parlay, YWET, MMC, FH1, Metal Zero, 2WEI and others.

Asora Test-Type ver. 01 was our first release which I quietly dropped without telling anyone. I just believed that people would find their way to it, or it to them. Thankfully, the first drop sold out thanks in large part due to @DJReAxion (Brian) posting beautiful pics of it here on the forums.

Every yoyo came with a pin, some stickers, a “Stats Card” which doubles as an ID/verification Card, and two strings. One is made by me with my own blend of Nylon/Poly. Lastly, a small velvet pouch.

After that release, I learned a lot about packaging and shipping, running a company, etc… then dropped the second version of Asora which utilized Side-Effects. These two identical models allowed me to test different design aspects on the same design to really narrow down what was better for the design - primarily being Tapped Axle durability, and the size of the response (19mm vs. 21mm) and very slight weight distribution changes. They are essentially the same yoyo with different axle designs - a bit of an ode to Anti-Yo’s YWET or the Bassline from 3YO3 while having valid reason behind the designs.

Both versions allow for FH1 caps to work and do not require you to take apart the yoyo to remove the caps. Usually a fingernail, pick/pin/needle, or knife edge can pop them out with no problem. One of the goals with this yoyo was to make the modular ability of removing and putting caps on really easy so that you didn’t have to have any extra tools to remove the caps while you were out and about.

I designed a simple “Power stone” look to an Ultra Light side-effect which is simply a resin sticker I made. A lot of these design queues are throwbacks or odes to things from the era of 2002-2008.

A big goal for this design was to simply update an older design (Free Rider), giving it the minimum amount of extra boost in modern performance and quality inside the same exact package as a FreeRider. Frankly, the Free Rider is not able to handle a lot of modern stuff due to it’s design. I think they’re kind of hard to come across, and they’re usually fetching a higher price tag. They utilize a 6mm axle and are very prone to vibing after some dings. But I think this sort of yo-yo should be experienced by more people, I think it deserves a spot in the sun alongside other designs we love so much.

Both Asora versions were small 30 unit runs and were my way of easing myself into running and operating a business. I had never done anything like this before. These two drops helped build the confidence I needed and allowed me to gain feedback from people to really nail the final version of the design that I’m working on. Sincerely, thank you to everyone who sent me a message or gave any feedback. I was floored by the responses and am so blessed to be apart of this community. Thank you.

The second release of Asora included the same as previous but with some improvements to the stats card along with a new pin design.

If you do ever order a yo-yo, feel free to mention your favorite comic book character or pokemon, etc… in the notes or message me on here, or instagram. I love doing sketches for people, it’s simply good practice for me. Even if you don’t, expect some sort of sketch. Dreamcraft is very much an artistic expression for myself.

I want to create the brush that the painter uses to paint their artwork. The painter being you, the player, expressing yourself through this amazing “toy” we all love.

Thank you to everyone who picked up a throw from me. I’m still learning so much every day, so thank you for everyone who took a chance on me.

blog posts are here if you want to read more.

Suspense (Nobotik) :revolving_hearts:


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beautiful work, design, execution!

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Thank you so much Shawn :hearts:

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These look incredible, fantastic work :clap:

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Thank you Isaac! :hearts:

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Can confirm, amazingly well done yoyo. The unboxing experience is one of the all time best. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


i dont want pink yoyos, unless they are this good. have the ver 01
but just missed type 2 :smiling_face_with_tear:
looking forward to the steel

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Hello :wave:

Dreamcraft fanboy here.

I love my Asora 2! I can confirm that it sits right up at the top of the list and holds its own against any modern “bape-esque” yoyo. I prefer the Asora over the parlay and just a teensy bit less than the sudo.

Keep up the great work @suspense! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. (And I hope, desperately, that your next run of yo-yos will be huge. I think people are going to want them)

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I would say YWET-esque, Parlay and Sudo would be Fluchs-esque. I was strongly considering one of these, I was hoping they’d stay in stock longer


Maybe that’s what I meant. I always thought the ywet and bape were rather similar, no?

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To be quite honest, I wasn’t too sure of the design or how well it would sell so I didn’t buy that many. This was very much a “warmup” or “testrun” for me.

I’ll be putting up any left over stock for sale if people want to pick one up. I held onto a few just incase of any shipping issues, lost or damaged product. Included in that drop would be a few Raws I have that I was planning to get plated but my local plating company ruined all of my testers I sent in. (no Asora’s were lost in the plating, just my old throws.)

The next version will be a much larger run in more colors, and possibly plated versions if I can source plating (gonna talk to Jake). Not much will change, just slight tweaks based on how I feel about the design as it sits right now.

Thank you! It’s a huge honor to be in the same league as the Sudo and Parlay. Appreciate it so much.

I do agree though, the Sudo to me does have a little edge over the Asora, likely the weight difference. Though, I’m very confident in my revisions to the next version.

Thanks again :hearts:


Hello Forums,

Made a few new blog posts regarding a protoype I’m running a pre-order for anyone interested.

Initially I was just going to pick these up for myself along with the new version of Asora v3, but I figured if anyone wanted to hop in on it, they could.

The design itself is a Steel Mono Side Effect design.

Diameter : 54mm
Width : 43mm
Weight : 72g
Gap Width : 4.5
Response : 21mm
Bearing : C CTX
Material : Steel
Finish : Raw
Manufacturer : FPM
Version : SE Prototype

These are 3D renders of the design in blender, they are not the actual product. The side effects that will come with the yoyo are going to be similar to what came with Asora - Resin Stickers.

This is just to give you the best representation of what it should look like when it’s done.

I think that steel is one of the most fun materials to throw after having been able to play a lot of full size steel designs last year. I also think that there’s an extreme lack of heavier yo-yo’s within today’s market of designs available. Utilizing steel towards it’s own density advantage to design a heavier throw is a match made in heaven to me. The size of the throw is leaning toward a full size design in order to bring out that unique sensation of how a full size steel feels in play.

I’ve written as much info on my blog posts regarding the design and the theory behind the design on our website for anyone interested in the design.

The pre-order is going to run until the 1st of April, though we might extend it a week or two.

Here’s a little edit I made for the design.

Feel free to ask me any questions! Thank you.


I am very excited to get a Sagane :saluting_face:


The yoyo looks very cool but this leaflet you did with the specifications and info is absolutely insane, I see your post all the time in Instagram you are so talented with graphic stuff!


For real. This is easily my favorite new company to watch. Even the promos feel like a little treat.


Thank you Albert :face_holding_back_tears: your videos are always a joy for me to watch! So the feeling is mutual :heart:

:pray: thank you! I’m glad people are enjoying the art I’m trying to create for the company


And you make fantastic yo-yos??!?!
It’s almost too much, man! (Colloquial “man”, as I don’t actually know your gender and don’t want to assume)

But seriously, between the yoyo designs, the unboxing experience, and the art in general, you have a formula for something special. It’s a joy to watch.


:sob: you’re too kind!! I definitely want to do my best in every aspect of the brand! So thank you :heart:

No worries on the gender stuff, though I appreciate the gesture and thought, that’s very kind. I am a male for those who are wondering, but I do not care what you call me.

I definitely have more stuff in store for Dreamcraft, and really excited to be working on it.

my instagram handle is @nobotik for anyone that wants to follow to see more of the unreleased concept art for the brand.


Hi everyone, I posted a new blog post on the site about Asora version 0.3 changes I’m implementing. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks!