*dramatic pause* OFFSTRING BAPE



i hope that wasnt you

not semi-mint any more :stuck_out_tongue:

dude that hurt me inside :o


This hurts you now? Back when this was made Bapes were going for over $200… This is pretty old.

Yeah, I know its old :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to see what people think now!

who does this?


Who doesn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love when these videos are posted, everyone freaks out, but its not their yoyo. I mean its someone elses, its their choice; said and done. So whats to freak out about?

Guys it’s his yoyo he can do whatever he wants with it.

Did it bend the axle? Even if it did, it still would’ve played the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

just imagine doing this with a c22…how would people freak then?

i would feel sorry for the camera man the titanium rings would hurt :-\ :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL i hope that wasnt you
not semi-mint any more
i wouldn`t try that no more!!! 8)

i posted almost the same exact thing right here

and about half your posts are just coping what someone else said

wat bout oxi T

oxy TI

it’s made of titanium… it doesn’t get banged up easy, it probably would of been fine even after a collision like that.

I guarantee the Bape is fine, too. Threads like this piss me so badly. The guy in the video is an idiot, as well, because he thinks he’s some sort of bad-ass for even attempting 4A with a Bapezilla.

Everybody who is upset by this and everybody who makes a big deal out of doing this themselves is a loser. End of story.

i think people make too much out of stuff like this, but it’s almost comeing to the point where people are makeing a bigger deal out of people making it a big deal…

i literally was cringing with my eyes squinted throughout that video of pain