Great video!

Just wondering, does it ding it up when you walk the dog on a sidewalk?

nice r u going to do a video for the c22

titanium is different the aluminum obviously.

it leaves small hairline scratches that are barely felt to the hand, if I did that with aluminum it would be screwed LOL.

How much are they gonna be? I want one for a school yoyo!spark, spark

word on the streets is $170

Not to bad for a titanium!


Is this ALL titanium? Because the Catch 22 was just Titanium rims and was over 400 smackers…

Maybe machining it onto the aluminum was the expensive part

all titanium baby. :slight_smile:

That is one amazing yoyo! ;D

coughyou better keep it very safe in a spot where I can’t snatch itcough :wink:

NICE ::slight_smile:

Yikes… The Oxy-ti is $550…

I cant wait to see this bad boy come out at $170

Your vids never, “never” cease to amaze me. :o

Also, it has a really big fancy case, and a nice bearing and, well yeah, it has titanium rims.

Yeah but the Oxi-ti comes in a little boxe and its all titanium and its like more than $500

Well, you could argue that it is priced at that point because its all titanium.

So ODD is doing something good for the titanium yoyo industry.