Why does the Catch 22 cost so much?

does a yyf catch 22 cost so much
i know that there was only a few made, but what is so special about it

1.) The case it comes in. Probably cost more than most yoyo’s itself.

2.) The outer rims were made of Titanium. Freading Badarse!!

Neither of these have a big impact on the cost.

It costs a lot to fit the aluminum body and titanium rims together.

of these have a big impact on the cost.
You don’t think? The case with all the laser engraved pieces. The case itself sells for a pretty penny. And Titanium is the most expensive metal there is, how does that not affect price?

Edit: I just checked, that case runs between 25-40 bucks depending on where you get it. But add that with all the little engraved pieces and there is probably at least 55-75 dollars of the cost of the yoyo.

Trust me, the price of this yoyo has absolutely NOTHING to do with production costs.

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I invite you to bond to precision made pieces of metal and achieve as impressive results for a lower price :slight_smile:

You are a very good business man, Ben. I will never doubt that.

What the Catch22 is, is a semi-long term investment which is worth it because the payout is greater than if you sold it for less and it sold out within a day opposed to a couple months.

I think what we paid as cost was pretty ridiculous. But we gave people a choice and Im glad enough people found value in them for us to be planning a new version.

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It’s funny how people find that yo-yo ridiculous as opposed to the gouda…


Can’t wait to see the new one!

But why were only like 80 of them produced? (yyn) Just wanna know ;D

The idea behind the Catch-22 concept was for YYF to do whatever they wanted. They decided they would make cost no object. They wanted to make the yoyo that they thought would be the best every made.

They pretty much succeeded. But, at the end of the day, when it was time to release it, they had to add up all their cost of R&D, all the materials for failed prototypes, machining, and coffee. Then, they had to add in some money for the store to make profit, and for themselves. All the math done, that’s about $459.

Is it pricey? Yes. Was it worth all the time and effort they put into it? Yes. Was it worth all the money they put into it? Yes. Is it worth the money people paid? Yes. Would I ever get it? Never.

Because we didnt know if anyone would actully put their hand in their pocket and buy one.

I want to know why would they call it the chatch 22 if there was 80 prodused why not the Catch 80

Because that’s not how it was named.

I believe the naming had something to do with this:

And 22 is also the atomic number of Titanium.  :wink:

And the novel.

I think you guys missed one detail. Each Catch 22 is hand tested to make sure there
are NO problems with them.

keep spinning


Test them for what?

Factory men: YARGH! We got one o’ them! Naow lez test the baby! Takes machine gun and fires at it MUAHAHAHAAHAHAH! OWNET! Darn. It’s bullet proof. It passed the test. Next station.

Factory man of next station: Oh yeah! Dips in acid HAHAAHAH! OWNED! I LOVE THIS JOB! DESTROYING THINGS FOR A JOB! HOW CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? **** It’s not destroyed! It’s accid proof! **** Next station.

Factory man at next station: Hehe. You may have passed the 2 tests, but you will never pass the next one! Takes out match and kerosene strikes match and lights the kerosene * throws it into the flame* MAUAHHAHAHAAHALIFASHFLISDHFLSDFH;! OWNED! Takes the catch out **** Dawn it! Itws awleady the 70th one! **** None of the rest are gonna pass the test! I’m gonna obliterate them with a drilll… Evil Laugh

Catch 22’s are acid proof, fire proof, bullet proof and shock proof.

No offence to yoyofactory workers, this is just a joke.

hmmm…would a kevlar yo-yo be effective for soldiers?