Dragon string tangled up.

okkkk so ive had dragon string for about a day now… and i hate it… It has tangled up on me more times than i can count. It’s obviously me but i use kitty string and i get no taggles at all… i use marks dragon string for like 10 seconds and i have a tangle in it… what the heck is going on?

It needs to break in. That string is really, REALLY stiff. That’s why you’re getting tangles.

Throw it in the dryer for a few minutes and see if that softens it up.

Keep playing it. Dragon string becomes a whole different thing after a couple of hours.
Though I personally find toxics in general to be less tangly than most being they’re so glassy.

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I had the same, exact problem and to top it off I was using a grooved bearing which led to some terrible binds. The Dragon String is so stiff that it needs to break in. But once it’s there you will notice a difference and I’m still using my first string since they last a very, very long time. Plus you can wash them to extend the life of the string a bit.