Double or nothing question


Is it cheating to use your thumb on your non-throw hand to pull the back top string out of the way to make it easier to land double or nothing?


No although and easier way would to have the first wrap be as close to the base of your finger as possible. Them have the second closer to the tip.


NOPE! :wink:

I find myself “cheating” on a lot of tricks when I first learn them, but once you get a feel for it you won’t need to anymore. Do whatever you have to, just have fun.


Whatever you can do with your fingers and thumbs to make a trick work is never, ever cheating, it’s called innovation.


This is spot on. once you get the feel for the trick it’ll just be second nature and the strings will just fly through your fingers, until then, land it how you want to.


Thanks for the validation.


Nothing wrong with innovating to make it easier to learn a trick. Correct me if im wrong because I might be but i think when you use your thumb like that for a double or nothing is some sort of moebius mount!


If you actually wrap it around your thumb (vs just using thumb to pull string out of the way, which is what I think we’re talking about here) it’s a Houdini mount.

On that topic, I followed advice from some video or another and learned the Houdini mount first, which gave me the “feel” for doing Double-or-Nothing. Made the latter pretty easy.


No, not at all. As long as you follow the way of of doing it any other extra “innovations” won’t be categorized as cheating, even i myself use my thumb to get the strings outta my way when i first time successfully landed a triple or nothing for my REWIND ! WEEE~~

But it’s better if u can do it in the correct way so u wont make it as a bad habit later on on more complicated string tricks.


Yes dont make it habit, that happened to me learning double or nothing. I used my thumb to move the string away, then I got to harder and longer tricks I didnt have enough string because of my thumb moving it away. It wasnt hard to break the habit though!!