Double or Nothing help

So i have short fingers and when I’m trying to land it it goes on both strings
so how does one fix this

When the yoyo goes around your NTH (non throw hand) finger, point your finger away from your body at an angle that forces the string back towards the knuckle. After that first wrap, point that same NTH finger straight forward and focus on landing further out on your finger to create the separation of strings needed to land on the front string.

What I mean by pointing your finger away from your body is that if you are right handed, your NTH finger will be your left finger. This means that you will basically point your left pointer finger to the left of your body on that first wrap.


When I was having this problem (still do from time to time), I found that using your TH thumb, you can scoop under that string and hold it out of the way (pulling it slightly back towards your body). It looks like you’re giving a thumbs up with your throw hand.

I have short fingers too, and I use my non throw hand thumb for the first ‘trapeeze’ then use my finger for the triple, and I know you said double but you can even do that for the double. I honestly think using the thumb for double or triple or nothing makes higher end tricks like black hops easier. but it does make tricks like matrix and mc bride and budda’s revenge a little harder with your thumb.

but that’s my two cents. I will say, in the world of yoyos, short finger people like me and you have a bit of a harder tie for string tricks, but that makes picture tricks like shooting star or one hand shooting star easier because we can work the string a little finer.

Just an update
Learned Matrix, McBride and Buddha using the thumb thing <3
So thanks everyone for that advice

Ahh…you’ve already solved your problem but I just move my fingers accordingly so that the string lands in the back and front of my fingers. For triple or nothing, I just land the first two in the back and the third up front.

Yeah I dont do the thumb thing as often cause I shove the string back unconsciously, working on popping up the strings for tricks like cold fusion and amuse :[

The thumb thing is a different mount referred to as a Houdini Mount. I often recommend Houdini Mount as a precursor to the true double-or-nothing, so you’re already on your way!

I do recommend taking what you know from the Houdini Mount and applying it to a “real” double-or-nothing. The double-or-nothing and houdini aren’t interchangeable for all tricks, and you’ll need a proper double or nothing eventually.

No set of fingers is too short to make DoN impossible, it just might take a little more work than our spindly-fingered friends. :wink:

I don’t actually have it wrapped around my thumb, I push the string over with my thumb so it’s wrapped on both my index finger and my thumb I guess. I do find the houdini mount easier than the double or nothing.

As others have noted, and you have found, using your thumb on the first trapeze helps. Use this as an aid until your aim improves to get it down. Note that in a ladder contest the rules require the use of the index finger. Using the thumb will be counted as a miss.

Ah, I see! I’ve skipped that kind of trapeze entirely except I think I’ve learned (and then forgotten) a few tricks that have used that intentionally. I’m blessed with medium-length fingers so once I had the Houdini licked, the DoN wasn’t too tricky.

Yeah the longer the fingers the easier it is. I unfortunatly do not have that blessing, but i try not to let it slow me down.