double on trapeze 5a trick

i am learning double on trapeze release(just starting 5a) and when i double up the trapeze, the yoyo shoots right back to my hand. i have a yoyojam dark magic. how come this is happening?

What is happening is that too much string is in the gap, so the response grabs the string and snags. This is a pretty common problem. If you unscrew the yo-yo a bit to adjust the gap on your Dark Magic, it will be able to hold more string the bigger it gets. Since the strings will be farther from the response system, it will be much less likely to snag. Also, the better you get at tricks like this, the less likely you are to have these problems.

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also use thin lube

actually, thin lube will slow down the bearing slightly, the reason that heavy lubed bearings are responsive is because the bearing is spnning so slow, the string can easily grab the response, so no, that would make it worse, Shims/ajust gap

aye sir. that does make sense