Double O-Ring Or Hybrid

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The X-Convict Has Double O-Ring And The DM Has Hybrid. Which Response System Has Better Sleep Time On Strings (Trapezes, Wrist Mount) Most Yoyos Die Out Quicker From Trapezes & Stuff.

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Thx. ::slight_smile:


I like the Hybrid more stock, but double O-Ring when siliconed.

Also, a word of advice. You dont need to make a thread per-question. If you have a lot, just put it all in one thread. Its less time consuming, and a lot easier that way.



I honestly like the dual o-ring the hybrid wears the string and adding the starburst almost throws away the spin and like the guy before me said you can easyly add silicone so the dual o-ring is by far is better :wink: