double bind

do you have to double bind a 888x or boss or axiom or dv888 or eneme or frantic or lunatic or tactic or bassalope or campfire or genesis.thanks

no, a regular bind should work just fine ;D

No. Unless you like triple shim each side and get like a 1cm gap or something, one good bind will work.

also why would a yoyo be considered more advanced than the other

This is a question that is usually answered by “you either can or can’t bind”. I use that one myself, but only in situations where people ask if they are good enough for a certain yoyo. If you can bind, you’r basically good enough for any yoyo. Some yoyos does need some more skill in order to deliver their full potential.

I find the M1 to be an example of this, which is why I think it’s one of the best first metals a yoyoer can end up with. The M1 tilts at any imperfection in your trick, this makes it a bit harder to control, but also forces the user to refine his skill.

Every yoyo is different so if you want to find one which yoyos are easier to handle go check out some reviews.

Addment: Geez this turned out long.

what about the 888x do you need to be good to get its full potential and do you need to replace the pads in a 888x.

It really depends on what you mean by potential. If you just mean the ability to do tricks, no. Also, you do need to replace its pads.