??? why do we have to bind backwards when throwing a breakaway? a regular bind seems just fine to me.

You don’t have to use backspin binds, but they are usually tighter and stronger.

To add to Pheenix, since the yoyo is spinning the other way, you want the string to go opposite of the spin to allow for less snags in the bind.

tommy explains that

Yeah. Usually it is spinning the other way and if you bind there, the loop won’t do anything. I have an eight/8/eight and it is realllly unresponsive, so I have to double bind.

lol I’ve honestly never seen a yoyo that requires a double bind, even when front spin binding ??? Make sure that you pull down the loop hard when binding, and don’t just drop it into the gap. So make sure that you’re pulling hard down, and pulling hard up with your throwhand, and that your doing a backspin bind. My meteor doesn’t require a double bind when front spin binding, and it has a bigger gap than the 888 if i’m not wrong.

So remember, when binding, make sure that you pull hard in both directions. Double binds shouldn’t be required.