Don't you hate it when non yoyo people...


When I pull off this cool slack and wrist mount combo, and they come up and say “can you do one of those hard tricks, like rock the baby??”
What annoying/funny encounters have you had with non yoyo people?


Well, once when I was street performing with my brothers (Philip and theguitarplayer), someone asked a question like, “Do you guys compete with each other,” but we thought she had asked, “how did you meet.” So we answered, “Well, we’re brothers.” I don’t know if this story is relevant to the topic though…

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No, absolutely not. I’m glad when others show interest in what I’m doing, it’s the ultimate compliment. I’m glad they have the courage to approach me instead of feeling embarrassed or to cool to take notice.

I know that you might view it as a bother, however I feel many of us have a skewed perspective. Your complicated slack trick has value to you but that simple trick has value to the spectator, it provides an avenue to learn more by speaking to you, by watching. That same simple trick must have had value to many of us at one time, why doesn’t it still?

I view these people as courageous and open, to approach someone, show interest, to share experiences, knowledge, lack of knowledge, and to learn more about something is to be admired. In society today, the norm seems to be hate what you don’t understand, discount any activity in which you don’t participate.

I’ll Rock the Baby, do picture tricks, I’ll even walk the dog. When it’s all said and done, I’ve only been complimented, been approachable, and maybe even made a friend and encouraged someone to participate in a great activity.

Don’t I just hate it when non yoyo people can’t understand what I’m doing and want to see something they understand? No, no, absolutely not. :wink:


In all seriousness I would like to thank you.


That does make sense


yes that is a very good point… I was about to complain until I saw this


why on earth would you hate it when someone asks you any question about one of your passions?

you said yourself and remarked about “non yoyo people.”

they simply do not know…

you could offer an explanation about the level of your trick and explain how things have changed over the years and even send them to the yoyo Expert site and forums for more information.


perhaps your kindness and explanation may get more interested; better they walk away smiling instead of telling each other what a jerk yoyo people are…


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Peeps that have zero modern yoyo knowledge will ask these types of questions. They are referring to what they know of. They are intrigued by what you’re doing and want to see more. Instead of getting annoyed, try to educate them. Show them the new innovations of play. Maybe it will stick.


Totally get where you’re coming from. That doesn’t mean I don’t get annoyed when my parents ask me to demonstrate walking the dog to their friends while I’m on the rough concrete of my garage floor with my brand new chief. I just politely explain to them why I won’t, which always leads to the question “what’s the big deal? It’s just a yoyo.” Then the price of said yoyo inevitably comes into discussion and everyone looks at me like I’m an idiot for paying $100+ on a yoyo. I think I am perfectly justified with my opinions on those circumstances.


I don’t mind at all.

Unless I flub an easy trick because I never practice them.


That’s why I’ve always got a pocket throw on me that I don’t care about hurting


Perhaps I should explain myself. When they say that, they are usually belittling the slack thingy that I worked so hard on earlier. But even so, your side makes more sense:)


Perhaps I should explain myself. When people do that, it is usually belittling my slack wrist mount combo that I worked so hard on. But even so, your opinion makes more sense.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to post that twice.


Yeah that’s what i’ll do when i have more than two decent yoyos, but until then i’ll be doing my best to take care of what i have.


I like people approaching me even if they think easy tricks are hard I just do it for them. It always makes me feel special when they think I’m a yoyo master when I am really not lol so it is all good.

However, ask me to walk the dog and we will have a problem >:(

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When people say “Pfft! I can do that.” I usually ignore it or say “Prove it.” All I can say is

Unresponsive yoyo+Jerk+No yoyo knowledge=Best comedy skit all week.


I’ll walk the dog for people, then I’ll do a finger grind and call it Parrot on the perch, then skin the gerbil into Kwijibo and a couple of matrix generations. That is normally followed by “wow, how often do you practice?” Show them modern yoyo!