Does your girlfriend yoyo?

Hi Gentry! Like stated above, does your girlfriend yoyo? If she does, does she use a shutter or regen like you, or something else? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

Yes, she yoyos! Not much, but she does. She throws strictly Gentry Stein signature models. Her collection consists of a light purple Super G, 1st run red Shutter, and a white Regen.

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I’m a girl and yoyo.

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You’re a yoyo?


No, she’s a girl and a yoyo.

That’s what I said, she’s a yoyo. :wink:



I am the girlfriend - ha. I did however find about the community after my boyfriend got into a few years back and I myself am starting to learn and the best part he has many throws for me to try.

so far the protostar is easiest for me but I am no where near as good as my man. We are still trying to find what type i’m comfy with. I really can’t do much at all yet but I support my boyfriend and spend way to much time watching videos and love the people in the community.

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