Does this trick have a name???

I know a lot of people relieve string tension on the side mount, but I do it on the split bottom mount. Does this maneuver / trick have a name?

I believe this is what you are talking about :wink:

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Exactly. ;D

Its called “Washing Off” I suppose. Much cooler than “split bottom string tension release maneuver”. lmao

Yeah that’s a little lengthy :smiley:

i call it mach 6, because i do one revolution of mach 5 before i do it! :smiley:

Oh so that’s what it’s called!! My friends started calling it the generator and it stuck with us. Lol

lol awesome
Vashek Kroutil also has a trick named mach 6


:o 8) :o

Just landed a mach 6. That trick has a wonderful “Wait… What the hell did he just do?!?” factor. lmao. Thanks for that vid Kei.

Yeeaaah! I’m diggin’ the mach 6 too. That trick is baller status. Thanks for sharing!

no prob 8)

thats awesome! the generator sounds great though!