What's your favorite string tension trick?

Another simple question. I’m interested to see what people reply. String tension tricks are pretty easy to make and people have come up with some pretty interesting tricks. Mine is one I invented. U call it the screwdriver. While in a thumb grind with the TH thumb pull the string away from the yoyo so it spins around like a horizantal UFO. Well post away.


I swear by this trick.

Ya i’ve seen that one. It’s pretty good.

Theres this one called the … I don’t remember lol

Split bottom mount
Mach 5
Dont turn it yet!
Take the string on the left and turn it to the left
it goes around the yoyo, and it loosens your tension.

I like the SPBTM mount, drop the NTH string, thentake the middle string and pull it to the left

my favorite!

washing machine ftw! (i think thats what its called…)

split bottom mount
grab the middle string and pull it to the NTH side
The string spins around the yoyo.
dismount and return

Throw the yoyo frontways - loosen string
throw the yoyo breakaway style - tighten string.

sidewinder…unresponsive style haha

I use this one all the time, mainly because it looks pretty cool, but if I want to get the tension perfect I use Fedya’s tension trick.

Washing Machine is great, it’s what I use for the most part.

Washing machine FTW