1a off string tricks?

Ok so i was learning the “washing machine” trick, I accidentally loosened it too much and the string came completely off the yoyo like in off-string. Now i dont know what off-string really consists of because i haven’t looked too much into it… but i think it would be interesting seeing someone doing 1a tricks and then take off the string and do some 4a tricks and then somehow reattaching the string and continue 1a tricks. So could someone clarify if people do this or if its even possible or if im just an idiot :p.

It is, I have seen steve brown do it somewhere! There is also a 3a trick called swords dance that is like it.

Yes, it’s possible.

What I normally do is the string tensioning trick where you do a Split Bottom Mount, let it all hang from your index finger and then pull the middle string out to the side.

With a new string and an undersized yo-yo it’s quite easy to pop the yoyo off the string and then do a few 4A tricks, some pops, Barrel Rolls, etc.

Getting the string on the yoyo isn’t too hard either. Get your non-throwhand index finger in the bottom loop of the string and stretch it open with your thumb. From there you can pop the yoyo onto the unwound single string, or run the yo-yo down and onto the string and bind.

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Thank string tension trick is called “washing machine” i think… not positive on that. but ive been working on it and i can manage to get the string off, do like 2 simple tricks, and then get the string back on and be able to do another trick with normal 1a. Its kinda cool but i think id rather just do 1a… still id like to see someone who’s really good at it.

I guess this would be kinda cool, but if you read the rules on some contests, it says that the string can not come off the string for the 1A division.

Could it be used in X division?

Check out the 12th vid on the 365 yoyo tricks page, it’s Steve Brown’s trick where he pops the yoyo off the string, arm grinds back into the loop. Def awesome.

To answer your questions OP

1- This style is known as “Washing Machine”. It isn’t just one single trick. Most people do not do it simply because of the string tension issue. But its neat none the less.

2- Your idea has been done, people in the past have done it, Doctor Popular being one of the best at it. Going back and forth from the Washing machine to 4a to 1a…back and forth. Its fun stuff.

3- The technique for adjusting the tension to the point it pops off is called “Spinning Wizard” or “Flying Wizard”.

4- It could be possibly be done in a “X” or “Open” division. The issue with that is that if you did 1a based tricks they would possibly not score them but would score the 4a type of tricks done with it.