Does this silicone work and fit?

So my friend is really nervous about this, so I decided to make a thread of this. Does Permatex black silicone fit into a Maverick, and a Project 1? If you could answer these questions, I would really appreciate this.

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Why wouldnt it fit?
It will work fine while the black isnt the prefered color but it will work.

maverck- yes
p1- no

the p1 is a pad yoyo and needs .555 pads

you can put it in, but it wont stay well. also, black silicone makes your strings black :stuck_out_tongue:

I have siliconed a one drop that is not flow groove… So that is not true.
Both yes.

So does blue RTV work fine then?


So can I just take out the response of my Maverick and put in the blue RTV silicone? (Sorry for so many questions, just want to be careful.)

Stop using the term RTV. RTV just means you do not need to put your yoyo into a vacuum chamber to get it to cure properly. All household silicones are room temperaure vulcanlizing.

Red, Blue, White, Black, Copper, Clear silicone all will work. What matters is Flowable and Non-Flowable. Nonflowable is gooey and flowable is more of a watery consistancy. Both will work but Flowable will create a more perfect job and Non flowable will create a more solid job.

They will all work. Permatex is the band.


Sorry, I didn’t know that RTV was any different. I just don’t know a lot about modifications, and that’s why I made this thread, so I could get help right away.