Does the CLYW Arctic Circle play snaggy?


I’m looking at a Arctic Circle right now. And I am afraid that it might be too grabby for my liking. Yet again I do use ammo and plutonium. But how does it feel?

(Jacob Waugh) #2

Is “Snaggy” the word you were looking for?


I think he is a big fan of the recording artist


Dumb auto correct. But yeah

(InvaderDust) #5

Try thinner string.


thats more of a question for the response


Yoyos that snag are mainly because of the string and the pads (and bearing).

If the pads come too grippy, they an can be broken in and less responsive over time. Meanwhile use a thinner/older string. Or change the pads

If the string is too thick, simply change string.

Also grooved/flat bearings tend to snag. Then change to a CT or KK


Yeah. I don’t like thin string which is the problem. It’s used so hopefully it’s really broken in :slight_smile:


What pads do you use to replace your yoyos?


I haven’t had to replace any pads yet, but I have snow tires