Does size matter?

I just got started on 4a like almost a month ago and got a BigYo. Are there 4a tricks that you can do with a smaller 4a yoyo that you can’t do with a Bigyo? Or can you do pretty much the same tricks with a big or small yoyo?

I believe this video covers that:

I am going to say, That it is harder to do Whip Catch with a BigYo then an Hayabusa or Aquarius. It might just be because of the size and the loop so It might not go around.

For Basics: Aquarius
Intermediate: BigYo
Advanced: Aquarius and Hayabusa


Because the BigYo is so big, there are probably some tricks that will be harder or impossible as compared to something smaller, such as the Aquarius. However, any yoyo that you have thats somewhat large will work if you practice on carpet. I actually use my Spinmaster 2. It’s somewhat broken where the plastic meets the metal so i epoxi-ed that but it works for my 4a practice. I’ll say it again but make sure to practice on carpet with unbreakable things around you if you choose to use something not necessarily made for 4a, like maybe a PGM or Spinmaster 2 or whatever else you have that’s rather large.

Or just on a soft lawn.

Ok I’ll just say something soft, such as carpet, grass, trampoline maybe, wrestling mat, etc…

Say a trampoline is standing on conrcete while you are doing 4a with a metal. Then you drop your metal while playing on the trampoline. You miss a catch and the yoyo bounces on to the concrete.
End of Simulation

I think I know why you said maybe.

Yeah. Definitely maybe (?) and I was thinking of my trampoline which has a net and it’s inside the springs so there would be nowhere for it to go =)

To start off with 4A I would use an Aquarius, I have one(lost at the moment haha) and love it…but the DM is great for 4A once you get better.

Well from my experance a big yo is great for all types of 4a play i havent had any probs with whips at all. infact its easy with the big yo!!! i try a whip with my dark magic and it took me 6 trys with the big yo got it every time. mainly this is because you have a biger target to hit. trick like orbits are also easyer to catch it on the string. all in all i thank its the bast fro 4a. later.

Keep it spinning™

Slap a YYF Half Spec Bearing into a BBYY Bully, you’ve got yourself a Tech 4A GOD!

I wouldn’t even dare throw a Bully 4A. Not even a metal, But thats a Good idea… Half Spec.

Well… I am sponsored by BBYY, so it’s not like if i break it somehow I don’t already have another one… Plus these things are so strong and durable, my 5a bully has so many dings on it… nothing happened to the play… it’s still as amazing as i took it out of the box…