Does jp irony bearing sound a bit loose in general?

Hi, I recently bought a new JP irony, but found the bearing makes a slight rattling sound if I put the yo yo near my ear and shake it - I can’t really make out the bearing moving around, but there is definitely a rattling kind of noise.

I have not unscrewed the yo yo halves ever, but can tell they are quite tightly fitted together. I find the yo yo snags a fair it during tricks and seems to be very willing to bind (it seems a little responsive!). To be fair I have only used it for under an hour (with a average quality string) so it may be early days, but so far, I think I am actually preferring my n12 yoyos over this!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure it’s a great yo yo, but my n12s feel like they spin longer and don’t snag, though the JP binds more consistently and easily and does not to tilt as much and feels a little smoother.

Could there be anything wrong with my JP (or is it just something wrong with me!).

There might be something wrong. But if you don’t unscrew it you will never know or be able to fix it.

Could just be the bearing being a bit over-lubed from the factory. Give it a bit more play time to break the bearing in.


Thanks guys. I may open and close the halves to make sure it seems alright and also give it a little more time to break in.

I don’t get more than a half hour a day to play - seriously! I’ll make a point of spending some time with this one tomorrow!