Does Fat Kitty String Whip Faster Than Normal Kitty String?

I like the feeling of normal Kitty String enough to pay for the 100 count box, but the speed that it whips at for a trick like brent stole is just too slow. So right now I’m buying Toxic Snakes and BG1’s. I like both of those a whole lot. Anyways, I was wondering if the fat Kitty string whips faster than the normal, or would I need to get Nylon Kitty string to have the fast whips that I like?

I don’t find the regular nylon whips any faster than the regular poly.

The fat has more mass, so naturally it will whip faster. This will apply to both the Fat poly and the new Fat nylon.

Other people in the world manage to do Brent Stoles with normal poly and normal kitty, but I can’t do it either. Luckily most of my favourite strings are slick and a bit whippy, like the Quick 13 P1… but when throwing regular strings it’s a workout for my shoulder to get a Brent Stole going.

I can hit a brent stole 1 out of 10-15 times with a normal kitty. With Toxic Snakes, BG1’s, or Quick 13 T13x or normal I can hit it 10 out of 10 times. If Quick 13 string was a little bit thicker that would be the only thing I buy. If I had the money then Toxic Snakes and BG1’s would be the only thing I buy. I’ve tried a lot of different string, and I like normal Kitty, especially for the price. I just wish it whipped a little faster.

If you like BG1s and Snakes, Fat Kitty are still not as thick as those. You should feel right at home. :wink:

Fat Kitty is the best for whips.
Nylon does not whip that good at all, but is wonderful for intricate string play and multiple wraps.

Epic strings are great for Brent stoles.
“These things are hilariously whippy. Triple Brent Stoles in my sleep. Biggest Brent Stole triangles I have ever seen as well.”

This is true.