Does everything start with 1A

Well recently I have seemed to notice every yoyo is good at yo-yoing category’s like 3A 4A and 5A and I was wondering everybody starts of with 1A and expands on from there?

Most people start with 0A.

I started with 0.5A.

I think it helps to have a strong foundation in 1A before moving onto other styles. It’s not necessary, but there are some basic skills that should be established, such as having control over the yoyo. If you don’t have control over one yoyo, I don’t understand how you could manage a second (or counterweight/offstring)

1a or 2a first. They are the base of all yoyoing.

How do you start with 1/2a?

I started off in 4a toke me about 3 days to get it on the string and bind it back, but after that I picked it up very quick. The reason I started with 4a was mainly bc I saw Ben Condes performance and had immediate interest. I still have no interest in learning 1a, but I’m getting into 2a next week when I get my new throws.

Hey, I STILL play 1/2A. Started and continue to play half-A’d, though some day I’m sure I will suddenly realize I’m not actually half-A’d anymore.

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I started with 6a and worked my way down to 1a.

Started with 0A, it helped me with my throw and just getting the basic control over it.

It’s not necessary, but anyone who has started in 1A will tell you a lot of the maneuvers and movements in other styles are usually based off of 1A, and it is a lot easier to learn them in 1A.

Technically for me, you start in any category you are interested in. The exceptions are 2A, 3A, and 4A. Most people learn how to play with 1 yoyo before they learn to double. 4A is a single yoyo but because the yoyo flies off the string, it can be challenging for beginner learners. First skill to learn in all yoyos is throwing it properly. You can do that with a single 2A yoyo; so if one must be picked in order, I’d say it starts with 2A, then 1A,2A Double, or 5A , and then 3A or 4A.

1A and 2A is so separated each other. You might be a 1A world champ but if you never learn how to loop, you won’t be able to do it. However 1A is the basic for 3A, 4A, and 5A, if you’re good at 1A, it would be easier to learn these divisions…